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MxTransmission is a low speed mechanical device that uses a different principle than conventional transmissions.

A  conventional transmission (Geared),receives torque (Nm) and speed (RPM) to modify both parameters using gears or pulleys that in one case, reduces speed by raising  torque, or otherwise it raises speed by reducing torque.

In some application such as wind generators and hydraulic micro turbines, it's a common fact to sacrifice torque in order to gain some speed, (using a conventional transmission) which is coupled to an electric generator that usually operates around 1500 RPM.

The MxTransmission unit receives torque and speed in to the primary axis,  which then is transmitted to the main axis by moving an internal arrange of cams. In this stage, speed and torque are raised simultaneously.

It's possible to add a second module to gain more torque or to use a gear in order to equate output and input speeds. 

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