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Energy quality improver is a system developed to provide reactive power to the electrIcal network taking advantage of the magnetic field generated around  conducting wires when driving reactive capacitive current to supply the demanded load.
EQI corrects and improves power factor by providing reactive power required by different electrical equipments for its operation, such as motors, sodium vapor lamps, mercury vapor, fluorescent lamps, etc.

The magnetic field produced by the conductors when circulating capacitive reactive currents, is exploited to convert it into lighting using LED technology, without injecting harmonics into the network, since these circuits are isolated from the electrical network.

As a result of a preliminary study, the ideal nodes are determined to reduce thermal losses in the conductors (joule effect), by lowering power factor and replacement of conventional lamps, resulting in to a significant reduction in the electricity bill.

-Reduces electrical current flowing through copper wires
-Instantaneous demand diminishing,
-Transformer's capacity increase
-Reduction of thermal loses (heat) in electrical motors.
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